About Me

Hello and welcome to my site!

My name is Anna and I live in a small town in the middle of Sweden. I think you landed on my page for a reason. You may have an itchy feeling that there is something more out there for you. Maybe you have an idea of what it can be but you don’t know how to get there or maybe you allready know what you want and now you have found the way you where looking for. What ever your reason is I am thankful for your trust in me and now I hope to inspire you to start your journey to the life you deserve.

First a little about me…

I was born as the first child in 1970. After getting three kids my parents separated. My parents had a struggle and the divorce was hard on them. In my teens I moved with my mother to the sothern of Sweden (Skåne). My mother met a new man and suddenly I had four younger sisters. In my early twentys I moved back to the middle of Sweden again and there I met my husband. We got married 1995 and our daughter was born 1996.

Before I was thirty I got sick and diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. My colon was removed and today I have a stream reservoir instead. I live my life like every one else, with ups and downs. Soon going on fifty I don’t have any regrets. I am a strong believer that everything happends for a reason and life is a wonderful thing.

I am still a married woman with my grownup daughter and a grandson. They both own my heart and they are my reason to live. My husband and I have had a long and wonderful marriage, filled with respect for each other and the best of all, we still have fun together. We love to drive our camper van through Sweden to se all the nice places we have in this northen little country. Dogs and cats have allways been a part of my life and now I have one dog and one cat. My husband is not so found of them but he loves them sneakily. The cat belongs to my daughter but he is the boss in our house anyway…

I also really like a lovely dinner with family and friends at a cozy restaurant with excellent service, good food and a tasty glass of wine. The best is when the dinner ends with a delicious dessert and a cup of coffee. I think it’s the little things in life that put a golden edge on existence.

Cat with computer
Cat help with computer

Working for others

I have most of my life worked for others. I have worked with horses, cleaning, disabled people and old people. For a short time I worked in a restaurant and in sales before i started working in an office. On two occasions I have started my own company. The first time I had no idea of anything. The second time I was too guillible and the money ran out so it ended with a bankruptcy. I’ve always wanted to run my own business but never felt at home in the entrepreneurship.

Following my own trail.

My own trail
My own trail

Over the years I have jumped from one workplace to another. Every time I have landed in something better than I had before. I have allways been a seeker and it has taken me to where I am to day. I work for the best company I can imagine with wonderful collegaues and a job that I love. Still there is something missing, something that my company can’t give me and that is – FREEDOM!

Freedom often means different things to different people. Some may not know what freedom is to them while other fantasize what they want to do with their free time. Have you ever wondered what freedom is for you?

For me freedom is to own my time so I can choose when I want to work, when I want to spend time with my daughter and my grandson or when I want to travel. Freedom for me is also to have the money I need to spend my time as I want.

I have, like dogs, allways put my nose to the ground and followed my own trail. When another and better path crosses the one I am curently following I will change my direction and follow the new trail instead. When I have a strong feeling that I have to follow the new way it probobly is the right path for me. It can be scary and it can hurt but in the end I have the feeleing that it is worth the struggle. If you are anything like me you listen and trust your gut feeling. It’s often a scary decision but certainly it will be exciting results or a useful lesson, don’t you agree?

Once again I have found a new trail to follow, a way to get me my freedom. This means the posibility to spend my days exactly as I want to spend them. Can you imagine that feeling? I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go before I can reach my goal.

I know I am not alone with these dreams, there are many of us out there that think – Is this all there is?

I found a place for learning and growing new skills

My new trail has given me a community with lovely people who will help me when I get stuck. I found a way to learn some new skills that will help me to get a life of freedom. I have a lot of support and mentors that will help and guide me step by step on my journey to my new lifestyle. Its a lot of work but I do everyting in my own time, there is no stress and that is a relief. I am learning a lot about my self and how to grow and build a future where I am the boss of my life. Now I know I will reach my goals and have the future I dream of. It might take me some time but its in my grasp, isn’t that amazing?

New possibility

New posibilitys
New posibilitys

Proven fact is that the economy on the Internet is growing and with the right knowledge, anyone who knows how to make an economically independent life with Internet as a tool can do just that.

The Internet is full of wonderful opportunities if you know where to look. There is great competition out there and those who are considering testing their luck on the Internet need to stand out. The best way to do that is to be yourself. There is no one who can do that better than you. Don’t you aggree?

Can you imagine to have a team of help to turn to, a community of wonderful and ordinary people who can inspire you with there own success stories and mentors that really care for you and your journey to a greater future?

With this business model I learn to use right now, I put one foot in front of the other and step by step I set the foundation for building a stable and profitable future. It wont be quick, it will be hard work and frustraion before I get there. Still I believe in this business model. Many ordinary people before me have had a successful story. Now I am making my own story to tell and I will give you the chance to follow me in my struggle. Here’s a secret, you might find inspiration to start your own journey, isn’t that exciting?

This is not for people who want a quick fix or things to fall in their lap without any work. This journey I am going to show you can be a change for life with a lot of learning, growing and giving to others. Have you ever noticed that feeling you get when you can help a person to find their smile even for a short moment? Or when you say a kind and helpful word that bring a person hope and a posibility to accomplish a task that they didn’t think they could master.

If it feels right for you and you want to know more then you can meet one of my mentors right here and right now. I hope to show you the gate to an exciting posibility that can change your life in so many ways. Just follow the link below and feel welcome, because you are.

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Thank you for your time
// Anna