When healthcare does not work

Healthcare is congested

Mr. Crohn’s Disease is still on a visit and that leads to more contact with the local hospital.

In Sweden we have had loads of immigrants coming into our country and many of them need healthcare. The problem is that our hospitals don’t have more doctors and nurses taking care of all the people and on top of that we have had Covid visiting as the rest of the world has to.

When needing healthcare for the moment you will meet stressed out doctors and nurses. They have done amazing work for a long time but now you can see that many of them have reached the limit of what they can handle. This means that you as a patient are exposed to risks that otherwise do not exist. The whole society is strained both financially and in healthcare and the government is paralyzed, they have no idea how to solve the problems.

Election in September 2022

Election next year

In September 2022 there is an election coming up. Hopefully there will be a government that has a plan for resolving all the problems we have here in Sweden. There is so much work to do before the society will be back on track. They have to be tough enough to dare to make decisive decisions and act accordingly but first they need to acknowledge the problems that exists and then create a plan for how to correct them. A big task and hopefully the next government will manage it.

Have to deal with health issues

A part of my story

This week the sick leave is ending, and it needed to be extended. When reaching out to the doctor the answer was that he had to examine me and get answers on some tests first. That has never happened before. The tests were booked and taken but the examine will take place next week. The problem is that the sick leave will end before that and that won’t do so I confronted the doctor and eventually the sick leave was extended a few more weeks.

The doctor has, for about a year, extended the sick leave without examine me and without asking questions. It’s good that he has time for what is needed to be done for me to get better but preferably not ruin my health on the way. That is not what he needs to do if he wants to help me getting better.

I don’t think this would have happened if the doctor had the time, he needed for everyone of his patients and hopefully it won’t happen again.

Planning ahead

The test results are waiting for the doctor to check them out and today I will receive treatment for my iron deficiency. The examine is planned to 20th of September and after that we have to figure out what the next step are. I would like to work a few more hours every day but that will be a discussion we have to have, me and my doctor.

There have been some improvements in my health, and I can se a better future for me where I can work as I normally do and enjoying life fully. I am not there yet but baby steps will take me there eventually. Until then I will live life every moment in the best way I can and keep smiling in my heart.


If you feel inspired of this journey, then hopefully you will start the walk on your own trail forward to find your way to the daily inner smiles. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them, there may not be an answer but together we might find some way forward. You can use the email address in this link welcome@annastrail.com to make contact.

See you all until next time and remember to find your smile!

Find Your Daily Smile
Find Your Daily Smile

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