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Is there a tomorrow?

On a webinar they talked about how to make the best of your life. One thing they said was “Tomorrow is not a promise, today is”. Think about that for a while.

Its easy to just put things on for tomorrow and often these things never happen. You may think there is always tomorrow, but is it? Are you really sure about that? You can never know what tomorrow will bring or if it even exists. You can never change yesterday, and you don’t have any idea what tomorrow will be like. The only thing you can be sure of is what today and this very moment is to you.

Bring things in perspective

It brings things in perspective. What you do every second in your life matters, right here and right now you can choose to do what is best for you. For example, smile and be calm when things go wrong or not as planned instead of getting angry and act out, blaming everyone around you.

If you choose the second option, is that really the way to feel better and being content with your life? When taking responsibility of how you react to things that doesn’t go as you thought or people who don’t do what you expected them to do, you have a possibility to grow as a person. You will feel much better if you choose with a smile on your face and forgiveness in your heart.

Remember, you never know when or if tomorrow ever comes.

The right thing

One story of many on the journey

A close story to tell.

When going out with the dog, for years I saw trash laying on the roads I walked on. It got me irritated every morning, swearing about people not taking responsibility for their garbage so the environment suffered for it, and I did not do anything to change it. Being irritated was no help at all, not for anyone.

Being in this journey as I am, I started to think after a webinar about taking responsibility and the coin fell into place. From that moment I started to pick up the garbage I passed on my way. I always have plastic bags for picking up my dog’s poop, so I brought a few more for the garbage.

This little change made me feel better, I am helping my community to keep the city a tiny bit cleaner. The next thing that popped up in my head was- how can I inspire more people to do the same or even not throwing their garbage in the street in the first place. If everyone takes responsibility one way or the other, it will make a big change.

A way to inspire others

How do you make people to notice? That is the million-dollar question so to say. Somehow the message has to be communicated to others. You can do that in many ways, for me its big texts on visible clothing so I contacted a company that does printing on clothes and in this moment, we are in some discussions about how and what clothes will be the best now when the winter soon is on the way.

Taking responsibility became fun and the feeling of excitement for how far I might take this. How much can I get this to grow, can I spread this to other cities or even bigger… Time will tell, but at the moment I feel really great and even some tingling in my stomach when taking one step forward in this very second. Greatness comes in small steps and tiny things that happen every day.

Helping the community and having fun when doing it must be the best feeling ever. Perhaps my doing will make someone else smile when they get inspired of what they see. You don’t have to do much, but when you do tiny things every day they will be noticed and they will matter.

Hopefully you are smiling right now, as I do, planning your own future with an exciting heart, not letting Crohn’s Disease stop your way forward. I know I don’t.


If you feel inspired of this journey, then hopefully you will start the walk on your own trail forward to find your way to the daily inner smiles. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them, there may not be an answer but together we might find some way forward. You can use the email address in this link to make contact.

See you all until next time and remember to find your smile!

Find Your Daily Smile
Find Your Daily Smile

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