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Eyes and brain

Recently an article showed up on FB that was interesting. It was new research about what you see and what your brain interprets the information into.

The scientists have found out that things your eyes see is not what your brain says you see. The brain is more like a crystal ball than a computer as everyone believed before. That’s because the brain wants to predict what will happen in the future so the best choices are made for us at the moment and make us do the best decisions in the now.

In theory, the brain compares our previous experiences with what the eyes see and experience that we have had in our earlier life. Then the brain fills in data that is consistent with what we have previously experienced and perceived in previous similar situations.

What do you really see?

One example of that is when you see something in the corner of your eye. The eye can’t tell what it is. The brain lays the puzzle according to what you have previously experienced and tells you what it was you saw. If what you saw looked like something with five legs and a hight around your knee your brain will probably tell you that it was a medium sized dog. It could have been a goat or something else but in similar situations it usually has been a dog.

Source copied date 2021-08-23. The article is in Swedish.

Makes you wonder

It’s fascinating and makes you wonder what is true about your life. Is everything just an illusion? It also makes everything possible, when you can’t trust what you see you will be more open to other possibilities. If you see a blue colour and your friend, see another colour than both of you can be right. It depends on your earlier experiences.

What if your life is all an hallucination? Is that a good or a bad thing?

It makes you se that you are not that important in this universe, but you are necessary in the big picture. Your life has a meaning playing a part in everything that only you can play. Like the smallest part in an engine, without it the engine will not work as it should, maybe even crash and burn.

What is our part

If we have a part to play, what part is that? Well, that must be up to you to find out, I guess. It’s like answering the question “what’s the meaning of life?”. Impossible to answer at the top of your head. It can be many things, right?

Can this part change throughout the years? When you get older and wiser, you might have another path to follow. Does knowledge change where you are going and what’s important for you or do, we stay the same in our being through our life?

What if our part in life is like in the movie “Men in Black”? Is that really a crazy idea or can it be one truth?

As you see, I’m a bit confused about this. Its really interesting and my imagination is running wild. It’s quite fun to fantasize about what if…

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