Traveling without thinking

Packing the RV

The summer vacation is here, and we packed our RV for the coming trip around the north of Sweden. We where so excited, there are so many places to see in these two weeks we have planned to drive around.

There where one thing we forgot while starting our drive up north. We will not be able to drive as we are used to do. This time we have a visit from Mr. Crohn’s Disease, and he dictates how much we can put in our schedule. We have known him sense 1998 so we should have had him in mind when he comes around. We got the reminder quite fast I would say. It took two days, and then he said Hello guys, what about having some bleeding today? I will bring you some stomach pain to, just in case…

The dog running free

So, there he was, giving us some unwanted gifts. We found a beautiful place by a beach to stay the night. Instead of driving until 10 pm we stopped at about 8 pm and we got to bed early. Waking up today felt a lot better. Mr Crohn’s Disease was gone for the moment, and we enjoyed a walk on the beach while our dog could run free and play around. So peaceful morning and by 11 am we where on the road again. This is more like it, now we can enjoy every moment without rushing around like we have a fire on our asses. Sometimes we just have to be reminded to live here and now.


Our daughter has agreed to hold the fort at home. She will feed the cat and take care of the snake. Most of the time there is nothing to worry about but the off course nothing comes easy. Karmeli, (the name of our snake) has started to sched. We hoped that she would have done that before we left but we were not that lucky. Then there is summer and its harder to get the right humidity she needs to have a good shed. Every day we hope the snake has made it through her transformation and got rid of her old skin. Our daughter is doing a good job to get Karmeli the best precondition to succeed changing her wardrobe.

We bought Karmeli in March this year so this is our first summer with her. We are all newbies on this snake-journey, and it is fascinating to learn about what a snake needs to thrive. She is eating well, pieing and pooping as she should so it seems we do something right by her. We also have great support from the breeder whenever we need.

Support and mentors in life

Finding support

When you learn new things its important so have a lot of support and you can find mentors from a lot of different places. Like when you have your first child, you might have a friend, a mother or father to consult whenever you have questions. There will always come a time where you come across things you haven’t handled before, where you need some guidance or someone to teach you the skills you need to move on.

Support and mentoring can be given from anyone and sometimes you are the one giving guidance to someone else. Often, we give support without thinking about it. When your child grows up you will guide and teach them to put their clothes on, teaching them to eat, walk and to talk. This usually comes naturally for a parent. Even when we get to adulthood, we need mentors that can show us the way. Like when we get a new job, the co-workers guide you forward when learning all the new things you have to know about the new environment and new systems you come across.

Life is filled with learning new things; it doesn’t stop when you are getting older. The world is always changing, and we change with it, whether we want to or not.

Inspired of our journey?

If you feel inspired of our journey, we hope you will start your own trail forward to find your way to your daily inner smiles. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them, we may not have the answer but together we might find some way forward. You can use our email address with this link to make contact. See yaaa all next time and remember to find your smile!

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