Finally, great news!

At last, my second grandson was born! He is a little beauty, and he stole grandmas’ heart from the first moment I laid my eyes on him. Grandchildren are the deserts of life if you ask me, and I am blessed with two of them. I just had to share the joy of a new life.

Wondering about triggers

I usually listen to webinars every morning before work. This week the subject has been triggers and some tips about how to handle them.

When something not to pleasant happens it’s easy to just react, get angry or sad. Those feelings are totally okay to feel. Often people would push them down, bottle the feelings inside them selves and try to forget them. That will mean everything will fill you up inside and sometimes it will block you from moving forward.

The best thing to do is to release the feelings every time they rise. Keeping them bottled up within yourself will hurt you in the long run.

Release the feelings

So how can you stop bottling up every hard feeling that comes in your way? That is the big question. Every feeling should be as appreciated as the laughter. One of the mentors I listen to said that we must be better at feeling instead of feeling better and that is true. 

You must be brave and meet all feelings with an open mind. Every feeling is there to help you cope with all the hard things life throws at you. Bottling them inside will never help. The only thing to do is to release them. Next question is how do you do that?

First remember, you are not your feelings. I believe that everyone has their own way to release feelings that hurt. You must find your way, but I think the best way is to be still, feel the feelings all the way and let them pass through you. If you need to cry, be angry, scream or just lay down, do that. Breath your way out of the feeling, and let it go.

It’s hard to have the courage meeting the feelings all the way through. If you have a real tuff time getting through what you have bottling up, I recommend you find professional help. Contact someone that can help you come out on the other side as a free and whole person. Meeting your demons on your own can break you, so don’t go there all by yourself if you feel you can’t make that journey on your own.

So, what about my demons?

Truth to be told, I am a bit afraid to meet my demons. Sometimes I don’t know if I have any big demons left or if I ever had any. When I got the diagnose in 1998 (Ulcerous Colitis, 2006 they found out that it was Crohn’s Disease), I started to think more about what makes me feel good. I have been fighting for my hobbies and my life for so many years and I know that I need to do things that I feel good about. Many might say that I have been selfish along the way but for me that has been the way I have handled my demons and feelings. I am not an open person, but I have learned to let my feelings out one way or the other. Often when I am alone but also in front of my family whom I trust with my life.

My husband has seen all of me and he can read my feelings liken an open book. That can be annoying sometimes but most times I feel safe with him by my side. Then the demons aren’t so scary anymore when he is there. In 30 years, I have learned to know the person I married for so long ago and we have a bond of trust, friendship, and love. Off course there have been obstacles on the way, but our journey together has always found a common way and that has kept us together. He is always by my side when my demons show themself and I will be by his side when his demons get out to hunt him.

What about you?

Have you ever found yourself trusting someone enough to show them your true feelings and demons or are you hiding everything inside?

What ever you do I hope you can find your way to happiness, living in the moment without demons dragging you down. I hope you have the possibility to let every feeling pass through you, so they don’t stay bottled inside you and blocking you to find your best life. You have earned to be happy all the way through, even when life hits you hard I hope you can keep a core of happiness inside that can lead you the way back to the happy life you deserve.

Inspired of my journey?

If you feel inspired of my journey, I hope you will start your own trail forward to find your way to your daily inner smiles. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them, I may not have the answer but together we might find some way forward.

See yaaa all next time and remember to find your smile!

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