Reflecting over my health

I have been worried for my daughter; she is 12 days late giving birth to our new grandson. Today they will help her start the birth and finally, soon we will meet him.

This have made me reflect over my health and I realized that I haven’t been bleeding for a long time despite all my worrying. I had to check my calendar to se when I bled last time.  It’s over two weeks ago! Even though I have been anxious, tired and have had some stomach pain the blood has kept away. That is amazing!

There is no question about it, my new medication is working. Slowly I get my life back and Mr. Crohn’s Disease will back down.

Occupied with other things

This past week I have been helping my daughter as much as I could. My time has been occupied by that, so I haven’t working on my future and that is ok. Taking care of my family is more important so sometimes my dreams must wait for a while. When the new baby arrives, I will spend time with him in every moment I can. They grow so fast and the time with both of my grandchildren will be time well spent. There is nothing more valuable than my daughter, grandsons, and my husband.

When my daughter’s family have landed in the new family life with this new-born baby, I can spend more time to take the steps towards my dreamlife. There is no rush, time will get me there.

What have made your week splendid?

Splendid week

Have you ever reflected over past time and the moments you hopefully have had where everything just falls into place, and your life is in alignment?

I usually don’t do that. Most of my life I just keep on moving forward. I have learned (in theory) that it’s good to stop for a while, reflect of what things you have done good in the past week, month, or year. Reflecting of what you have done good and what you need to work on to move forward will help you find your way forward to a better future. I have some things to work on with that. There are lessons to be learned from reflecting over past times. What you might call failures I would call lessons that you had to learn, in order to find your own path forward. That is as important as dreaming, wishing, and working on a better way into the future if you ask me.

Inspired of my journey?

If you feel inspired of my journey, I hope you will start your own trail forward to find your way to your daily inner smiles. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them, I may not have the answer but together we might find some way forward.

See yaaa all next time and remember to find your smile!

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