Still waiting, learning, and resting

Still, we all are waiting

The past week we hoped to get a new member in our family. My daughter is due to give birth and the date is already passed. A new grandson is on the way, and I can’t even tell you how happy I am about that. Well, he will come when he is ready, it will be a relief for my daughter and my grandson will be a big brother. Lovely is the word popping up in my head.

I forgot the practice and the teachings

When I started my journey, I learned that there is one recipe for success amongst many that will help me on my way. This one is simple, you learn new things, then you do them and after that you teach them to others. Learn-Do-Teach. It’s easy to remember but I got lost in all the things there is to learn. I need to learn one thing at the time, after that I need to practice what I have learned and then I teach my new skill to others.

Sometimes it’s good to stop and take a breath and get things in your mind sorted out before moving on again. I have done that for a long time and now I will move on, start walking again. That’s when I noticed what I forgot.

I think I will finish the course I am going through right now and after that I need to start over again with the first module just to remember all the things I need to do if I want to move forward. I wonder what else I have forgotten. It’s quite exciting to recover knowledge that has been lost or forgotten.

Quiet week

I have been a quiet week otherwise. I have been resting a lot after the few hours of work. Walking my dog in the forest, smelling the beginning of summer, and enjoying time with my grandson who have filled my heart as he always does.

How have your week been? Have you found lost knowledge or piece in your heart this week?

Inspired of my journey?

If you feel inspired of my journey, I hope you will start your own trail forward to find your way to your daily inner smiles. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them, I may not have the answer but together we might find some way forward.

See yaaa all next time and remember to find your smile!

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