What is life without your health?

What is life without your health?

One more step towards getting better

The third treatment with Entyvio went well. My blood status was a bit low, so I got that refilled to. Now, almost a week later I can feel a cold coming. You know, when the nasal passages begin to feel rasping and a faintly molting headache makes itself known. I had the same symptoms the second time I got the treatment with Entyvio. When you think of it, it’s not surprising. The purpose of Entyvio is to break down the immune system that causes Crohn’s Disease to make itself known.

The next step in my treatment is to learn how to take the shot myself but that won’t happen until July 2021. Intravenous medication occurs less often so I suspect that the dose I take myself will be milder than the one I get in the hospital. Hopefully, I won’t get this reaction when I take the shots myself. Time will tell.

Even if I get the symptoms of a coming cold the medication seams to work. I don’t bleed as often as I did before. My energy is slowly returning. I have been waiting for that for about six months. It’s exhausting having to rest when you take a shower or emptying the dishwasher. Life is on the way back and I love it, even if it takes a while before I am as healthy as I can be. I have said it before, I can see the light in the tunnel, it’s far away but I can still see it. That is an exciting and wonderful feeling!

Being grateful?

Be grateful for the small things in life

This leads me to think about what I am grateful for. The first that comes to mind is getting my health back, without it I won’t have the strength to enjoy almost any parts of life. I want to get our RV out for a long trip this summer. In a few weeks I will have another grandson in my life. He is to be born in the end of May. My lovely grandson will be a big brother and I know he will love that. Seeing and playing with my little heart is the one thing I am most grateful for. Having my daughter, grandson and husband in my life is what’s makes me live in happiness. They are the great foundation that I build my life on. Other things that I am grateful for is having four weeks of vacation coming, starting in July. The sun warming my face when I take a walk and living in my own house, having my own car and so many more things of value. The simple daily things are often not recognised and remembered but they are usually things that makes life what it is.

Have you thought of things that you are grateful for? How bad life seems to be at times there is always things that gives you value in life. It can be the birds singing in the morning, the taste of a cold ice cream on a hot summer day or just feeling the gras between your toes.

Inspired of my journey?

If you feel inspired of my journey, I hope you will start your own trail forward to find your way to your daily inner smiles. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them, I may not have the answer but together we might find some way forward.

See yaaa all next time and remember to find your smile!

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