Detours of life

Choose your way through life

Life is not a straight line forward

Life can be hard, it can be wonderful and all things in between. Everyone feels all emotions throughout a lifetime. There is happiness, sadness, anger and every other feeling a human can feel. Life will give them all. You can fall into a dark place and feel that you can’t get out of it. To get out is a choice for most people and the road back can be harder than you know but it is always worth it. Life will go on whatever you choose.

Like every person’s way through life there is never a straight line to the future and the life you dream of. Things tend to happen on the road. Sometime that detour can be annoying but, in the end, you probably will find out that you needed that experience later in life. I believe that everything has a meaning in one way or the other.

I have learned that when life takes me to a detour, I better accept it. Its nothing to get upset about because often I can’t do anything about it. The choses I have made on my way there have taken me on that trail for the moment. I will return to the main road when the detour has taught me what I need to move forward into my awaiting future. It may take some time before I need what I learned on that detour and I often can’t see why that trail was necessary in the first place.

My latest detour was me getting sick, Crohn’s disease came and told me to get a rest and I have done that for about six month or so. Now I am getting back, slowly my health and body is recovering. The new medication is doing wonders, but it will take a long time before I am back to my normal self, but I will get there. I can see my dreams in the spotlight again and this time I am not alone on my journey. It seems that my husband will be a part of the work. The future is ours, together and that is the best way forward, don’t you think?

Inspired of my journey?

If you feel inspired of my journey, I hope you will start your own trail forward to find your way to your daily inner smiles. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them, I may not have the answer but together we might find some way forward.

See yaaa all next time!

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