Started working

Finally I am working

Finally I am working again!

So, today was the day when I started to work, from home at the moment, after almost 6 months of sick leave. Waking up to the alarm was harder than I thought it would be, but I made it. Went for a walk with my dog and the morning rituals started.

Off course, after being away for so long I had computer issues and I contacted the IT department. They took over the steering wheel and fixed the problem quite quick though. Talking to my co-workers lifted me up, even if it was over Teams. It’s wonderful to be back and 2 hours was absolutely enough. Now I landed in my couch, warming up a lunch box. I think I will be here for a while.

My journey is on the right track as it seems- finally I would say. I took a break when it was needed and that made me healthy enough to be where I am today. It’s important to listen to your body, when you need a rest, take it. There is a time for everything so be kind to yourself. That is also a way forward on your own track to your dream. Sometime there is a bumpy road ahead but that involves a lot of learning. The only time you fail is when you quit. Everything else is a chance to learn new skills on the way.

Inspired of my journey?

If you feel inspired of my journey, I hope you will start your own trail forward to find your way to your daily inner smiles. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them, I may not have the answer but together we might find some way forward.

See yaaa all next time!  

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