The Secret

The cold sets in

The cold sets in.

It is getting cold and the winter will be here soon. With this cold weather comes the colds with runny noses, fever, and coughing. When this happens to you, rest will probably be necessary maybe some medications to. After a while you get better and you can return to life again.

Last week I got a cold after meeting my wonderful grandson that had a running nose. It stuck on me right away off course. I was home sick for a few days and when I got better, still with a running nose and some cough I could start working from home.

The Law of Attraction

Yesterday I felt much better and I thought this cold was over. I was watching a movie called The Secret. If you have not seen it, I can recommend that you do. Its about the law of attraction and how it works. In short, if you really want and think you deserve somethings in life you can get it if you truly believe that. I will tell you more about it later.

When I woke up this morning my body screamed for more rest. Mr. Crohn’s are on a visit right now, so I am eating Antibiotics for that to. Usually I listen to my body but today I did not. I went up and took my dog for a walk. My body was hurting and I was listening to a webinar while walking and the theme was about being in the now and my mind started to wonder, thinking of the movie, how you can get what you want.

My body was hurting so much so in desperation I just asked to get pain-free, feeling better and my mind was all about seeing myself walking there without pain and how wonderful that feeling would be. Guess what! It really worked. When I got home, I sat down and just relaxed for a moment and the pain fated away. I was feeling so much better after that so I even could work all day. My cold is still here though and Mr. Crohn’s too.

Power of positive thoughts

Ask and receive

I wrote downs some things that I wanted to remember from the movie, and I hope you can have some use of that information to.

Buddha said All that you are is a result of what you think.

The Law of Attraction will be the answer of what we think and what we feel. What we think of today shapes our future. Thoughts and feelings create our life so just focus on feeling great and the positive things you have in life. It is a creative process in three steps.

Step 1, Ask
What do you really want in life that giving you a positive feeling and a positive impact in your life?

Step 2, Believe
See yourself as if you already have all you want before you have it. Believe with your heart and soul that you will get it.

Step 3, Receive
Feel the feeling you will have when you reached your goal and got what you want. Feel that feeling with every fibre in your body and mind, enjoy the feeling of getting all that you wanted.

Close your eyes and visual that you already have everything you want, feel the feeling of having it all and then let it go. Focus on the good things you already are grateful for in your life, enjoy the feeling and let it go for the day.

A few things to wrap your mind around

  • Everything is energy
  • What you resist consists
  • Focus of what you want
  • What do you choose now?
  • If it is no fun, don’t do it!

I hope I have inspired you to watch the movie The Secret. If you are ready to receive the message in the movie, I think you will find it interesting. If not, I hope the film sowed a seed that can germinate in your mind and one day maybe you will be ready to see it. I had to see it two times.

Do you feel curios about my journey?

Learning, growing and hopefully starting a business that I love! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

If you are curious about the learning, growing, and hopefully earning on my journey just follow the link, sign in and check out the video series from one of my mentors.

It was this video series that gave me hope of a better future. If it is this something for you just follow your hart and what your gut feeling says. It never lies to you if you truly trust it. I know it is not for everyone and that is ok, you will find your own way to success if you are willing to work for it.

If you want to contact me just use the contact form under the contact link in the menu above. Remember to find your daily smile, maybe it starts with that.

See yaaa all next time!  

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