Standing still is also a choice

Standing still is also a choice

Good and bad times

How would you define what is good and bad times? Is it something that changes when you grow and learn new skills and another mindset?

Everything in life is a choice. You can choose things that are good for you and you can choose things that are bad for you. Sometimes its hard to know what is the right way at times and the wrong way can be just what you need if you want to grow and learn to become the person that is you in the future. With this mindset you can never loose. The hard times becomes a step on the ladder of growing and the good times are the sweets of life.  

Standing still or move forward

When your road is unclear it can be hard to take a step forward. It might seem easier to stand still and wait for the path to clear up before you take a step forward. If you are unlucky the life passes you by when you are waiting to find what you are searching for.

I believe that standing still is a choice to and I believe it is good to stand still sometimes. When life hits you it will be necessary to stop and rest so the mind can catch up with you but do not stay there. Even if you do not know where you want to go or what to do just take a step in one direction. It does not matter where it leads, just keep moving forward. If you feel that it is the wrong way for you just change direction but keep going forward. There is often much to learn on these detours, and you might find the beginning of the right path that leads to a better future for you. Everything has a meaning, isn’t that exciting?

What do I want to say?

Move on

What I mean is that if you want to grow and get more out of life you need to move on. If you stop you will not learn and grow to find your best life. I do understand that it can be hard to keep on moving when the body and mind is a mess and life gets you overwhelmed. To get the best out of yourself you need too learn and understand who you are. You need to find a mindset that let you learn, grow and you need to understand that you are worth to have it all. You need to find out what stops you and work through it. Often it is your mind that says that you are not worth it, but I know that you are.

This is hard work and I know it is. I have not begun my own mind-set work yet. You might ask why and the answer to that is, I am afraid of what I will find. That is one of many things I must work on before I can come close to my goal that I have set up for myself. It is a lifelong work of learning and growing to become the best version of myself. I know where I need to start but I procrastinate, I know that. I will take one step at the time and I will get to work on all my shortcomings in time but I will not punish myself for that. I will just keep on learning and working on my issues because I have time on my side and I hope you have too.

Do you feel curios about my journey?
Learning, growing and hopefully starting a business that I will love!

If you are curious about the way I learn, grow, and hopefully earn within my journey just follow the link, sign in and get the video series. It was this video series that gave me hope of a better future. If this is something for you just follow your hart and what your gut feeling says. It never lies if you truly trust it. I know it’s not for everyone and that is ok, you will find your own way to suhccess in your own life.

If you want to contact me just use the contact form under the contact link in the menu above. Remember to find your daily smile, maybe it starts with that.

See yaaa all next time!  

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