What am I doing…?

What Now???

So, it hit me! What am I doing, for real? What am I thinking about? Do I really want to advertise as I am doing right now? What do I really like doing, I should have started with this question! Well, I do learn from my mistakes, I think anyway.

To answer the questions, I would say that I really love to write and tell stories that get people to laugh and to think about their own future, finding their inner smile. This blog I started just because I hope my story can inspire people with Crohn’s Disease to realize that life does not end with getting sick. Just take one step at the time and you can find your way to your dreams with a big smile. It will be hard at times and the body might need some rest sometimes and that is ok. Stop and rest for a while and after that start the journey again.

I have a Facebook page for my dog where I wright in Swedish. Its more at the funny side and it is from my dog’s point of view where he is the head of the family and how he struggles with getting the cat and the humans in line with his ideas. I write in short stories with a lot of humour that make the readers smile.

Work must be done

I have thought about how I will move on. There is a lot of work waiting before I am close to my dream. I know It will take time, but I must start doing the right things.

I need to learn to connect with people. I have a plan to join the 90-day video challenge, there is so much to learn there, it will be good for me to do that. Then I will paus the Ads for a while until I find my way in the Ad-jungle.

I will continue with my blogging and going through the modules. Instead of listening to negative news in the morning I will listen to recorded webinars on mindset, advertising, being in the now and other exciting stuff. There is so much to learn but I need to remember to do and to teach too. By doing and teaching what I have learned will make me grow as a person.

Tomorrow I have registered for a webinar where I will learn to make a blueprint to get some order in my planning. That will be helpful for the future planning and knowing what to do and when to do things. Really exciting. I hope to learn to do the right things in the right order. As it is in the moment, I am doing some here and others there, no order at all and everything is a bit of a chaos.

My hopes for the future

Find Your Daily Smile

I have always been dreaming of starting my own business doing something I love to do. I have tried starting companies before and it did not go well at all. Probably because I was not mentally ready for that. I learned a lot and that was a win and it was so much fun to.

This time I want to build a business that feels good where I can learn and grow in knowledge, give hope to others and some day in my future start a new company where I can inspire people to find their dream. That is the reason with this blog to. I love my journey and I really believe in lifelong learning. You can never be too old for dreaming and to learn new skills, you just need to challenge yourself if you want do reach your goal. Let Crohn’s Disease be a part of your success, be friend with the sickness and listen to what your body tells you, your body never lies as your mind does believing it has to save you from stress and hurt. Most important is to find your daily smile every day, that is the first small step on the journey to happiness.

Do you feel curios about my journey?

If you are curious about my journey just follow the link, sign in and get the video series. Is this something for you? What does your gut feeling say?

If you want to contact me just use the contact form under the contact link in the menu above. Remember to find your daily smile.

See yaaa all next time!  

Annas Chosen Trail

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