Life is a struggle and then…

Life is a struggle and then…

Life is a struggle and then you die… Have you ever heard that saying before?

Luckily, that does not have to be true at all. Life have a way to move forward, change and give you the opportunity to go in new directions if you choose to. You always have a choice how to live your life. Sometimes things happen that will ruin everything that you thought was your world but like a forest fire some new things will grow if you let them. Maybe the outcome is grater then the way it was before.

Big changes

The biggest changes that happened to me was when I met my husband and when I gave birth to my daughter. That was the best changes in my life before Crohn’s Disease.

Getting sick and misdiagnosed with Ulcerous Colitis at first was a hard blow. My whole life turned upside down. After my first operation I thought I was healed and that my life would get back to normal. It was for a few years but then I got sick again and my life fell apart again. When that happened, I got angry and sad. It took a while before I realised that I could not be angry all the time, so I just surrendered and gave up the fight that never helped me forward. That was the best decision I made at the time. Now I could move ahead and plan for my future. I learned to handle my disease, most of the time anyway.

Positive outcome

One thing that I think was the best with getting sick was that I was home more. My daughter could come home from school and she would not be alone. Someone was always around if she needed help or other things.

Other positive happenings were that I learned to say No to things I was not interested in doing. My body set the directions and boundary’s that I had to relate to. I started to stress down and wanted to work with things that gave me joy and every time I got a new job it was a bit better than the work I had before. I am more aware of what I need and what I want in life. If something feels wrong, I will listen to my body and trust it to be true. That have helped me many times when I stand on a crossroad and need to make a choice.

Thanks to you Crohn’s Disease

Thank you Crohn’s Disease

Without my disease I would not have grown to be the person I am today. Every step I have taken over the years have been a choice. Some was not as good as I hoped but they taught me a lesson or two. Others have been just the right ones for me. I am braver than I was before my sickness and I do not hesitate when my path leads me on new roads. I try not to compare myself with others anymore and I am not scared of taking my time with new things. I realised that even if I go slowly, I move forward if I take one step at the time. I will get where I plan to go in the end anyway. Why run through life when I can enjoy the journey every minute of every day?

Do you feel curios about my journey?

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