Hard time connecting

Hard time connecting

Why is it so hard to connect with people?

I really believe in lifelong learning and in my current journey there is so much to learn. I usually learn and evolve on my own, just following my trail forward. This time it’s different. I really need to learn how to connect. I can’t do this journey on my own even if I wanted to and I really want to reach out and have a conversation with the community. For most of you it’s not a problem but I have big trouble open up and being natural. It usually takes a lot of time before I feel confident enough to just talk away with someone, if you know what I mean.

Current dilemma

I have my first ad out and I need to twist and turn it a little to make it work. As it is right now it’s not working as good as I would like it to. That means I need to reach out to people that travels at the same path as I do in their own way of course. If I learn to connect with them we can have a discussion and there will be so much more to discover. There is so much to learn in a conversation with others.

First, if I want to have a conversation and connecting with likeminded people I have to take the first step, open up and let people in. That is the hard part for a person who usually is standing on the side when meeting up with others. Does anyone have an idea how to start that conversation?

Throw myself out there

Throw myself out there

Anyhow I have a plan to follow. First I will finish the modules, I will blog and manage my ad. Next step is to go through the 90-day video journey, there is so much to learn and will help me connect with the community. It sounds easy but there will take time and it will cost me a lot of work. It feels like I hit home with this journey. The people, the skills I learn and the possibilities I will get following my planed trail. It’s relaxing knowing I have time, it is fun and I am growing a little every day. If my body says to rest for a day or to I will do that. My health has to come first. I just have to throw myself out there and do the work in my own pace. Isn’t that great, just enjoying the ride to a fantastic future!

Are you curios of my journey?

If you are curious about my journey just follow the link, sign in and get the free video series. If you want to contact me just use the contact form under the contact link in the menu above. Remember to find your daily smile.

See yaaa all next time!  

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