Getting real in my journey

Getting real in my journey

Now my journey is getting real

I started my journey in the end of April 2019 so I have been taken it slow. I have done so much work on my mind-set, learning new things and doing a ton of growing. Today I got my first ad out, so exiting.

I have been planning my first ad for a long time and now it’s out there. The first attempt will probably not going to be a success moneywise but who cares?! There is a lot to learn if it fails. I almost want it to be a disaster at first so I can twist and turn the ad to perfection, as perfect I can do it right now. What a great feeling.

Have you ever worked for something for a really long time and getting closer to the first goal? That feeling of excitement is unexplainable, don’t you agree?

Going back

Now I am going back to the modules to learn and grow some more. At the same time I will keep an eye on my ad to see where it leads. I have a plan for the next step on my journey. When the modules are finished I will connect with the team and start the 90-day video challenge. There is so much to learn there and I get to connect with people who are going through the similar journey as I do.

There are some areas that I have a hard time to overcome. One of them is learning to connect with people. It is one thing to write this blog but meeting others in real life is harder. It takes time to get to know people but when I do it’s easier to connect and showing who I am. There is a lot of work still but I will keep going as I have done so far with one step in front of the other.  

My expectations

High expectations

So where do I see myself in two or three years? That vision is clear to me. I work a lot less than I do today, inspiring people to find their inner smile while they have started to follow their own trail to their future. I don’t see myself as a rich person with millions in the bank but I earn enough money to support the life I want to have. In my spear time I spend time with my family. If my grandson wants to sleep over on a Monday he can do that without me having to go to work. As it is today he can’t sleep over on any weekday because both my husband and I have to work all day long.

When disease interrupts the journey

Have you ever thought about where you will be in three years? Have you got a plan for how to get there? As you all know I have an ongoing visit from Mr. Crohn’s Disease but I will not let that stop me from reaching my goals. Some days he is quite annoying and other days he is out of the house. Whatever he does I won’t let him make any decisions in my life. He can scream and shout as much as he wants but I will still follow my trail forward even if it’s a slow journey. I have decided not to give him the power to stop me from walking towards my future. I will not let my disease stop me on my way forward.

How do you handle your disease when it’s in full bloom? Do you give in and just let it take over or do you work for getting healthier one step at the time? Whatever you do, I hope you keep on dreaming of another future even if you have a visit from Mr. Crohn’s Disease. Don’t let him get the better of you. On the other side of the disease there is a healthier life waiting if you can find what makes Mr. Crohn’s Disease to activate.

If you are curious about my journey just follow the link, sign in and get the free video series. If you want to contact me just use the contact form under the contact link in the menu above. Remember to find your daily smile.

See yaaa all next time!  

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