Values and happiness

What are your values?

When are you happy?

We often talks about what we want. I know I do. I know quite clearly what I want at least in my mind. I want to work less time, earn more money and spend time with my family more often. A new car, money to renovate the house, a new RV and travelling more with my family would also be quite nice.

How many of you have asked yourself what you value. That is another kind of question. If you think about it that is the most valuable question to ask yourself.

What do I value… For me I value time with my family, love and closeness with the people who I care most about.  Experience my country with my husband in an RV is also in the top of my list. On the other hand I value the possibility to help people and that is what I do at my ordinary job at the customer support service. In my journey I hope to inspire people to find their daily smile in their quest to find what matters to them in their life.

Real happiness

What is real happiness anyway? It seems to change over time. What made me happy in the past doesn’t necessarily make me happy today. Happiness and what you value belong together, I strongly believe that. If you can live your life finding your value you are automatically happier. At least I feel I am.

What is real happiness for you? That can be a hard question to answer if you never have found your true happiness and that is quite sad. I have no idea how to inspire people to search for a happier life. I believe that if you find something of value in your life you will start feeling more happiness. It can be helping someone with small things, get a hug from someone who cares for you or having love and laughter in your life.

For me I find happiness in hugging my grandson, walking in the forest with my dog or just make someone smile from within. I hope be able to assist a person to find value and feeling happy in their life. It doesn’t have to be big things. Sometime small ordinary daily things are more valuable than one big thing that happens once in a lifetime.

Finding what matters

Finding what matters

I hope you think about what you value and that you reach out for that. I am trying to free more time to spend with my family and getting my health back on track. That is why I started this journey. I have a job that I love and I love the family-feeling at my workplace but it’s too stressful, my health is getting worse. I realized that I have to do something about my situation. I have to find a way to get the economy to function at the same time getting my health back. It was a tuff decision to make but I had to make it anyway. For now I work at my ordinary job and then I work for my future. My goal is to work on my journey every day even if it’s only for a few minutes. I won’t put too much pressure on myself and I won’t get irritated if I can’t make the time to work for my future every day. I just accept that sometimes my body doesn’t function as I want it to.

Please think about what you value, find your happiness and take good care of yourself. You are worth to have a great life with lots of happiness, love and a lot of laughter.

Explore the possibilities

Explore the possibilities

If you want to explore the journey I found for me just follow the link below, sign in, meet one of my mentors and get some free training. I really want you to find your way in life as I have done. I still have a lot of work to do on my trail and I am doing it in my own pace, loving every bit of the way. Your way might look different than mine does but if so, it’s as it should be. Remember to find your daily smile.

See yaaa all next time!  

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