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Work and a long visit from Mr. Crohn’s Disease…

Now I have been working for a few weeks with my ordinary job. It’s like I never had a vacation. I have also been working on the dream for my future, small steps. I don’t want to have Mr. Crohn’s Disease staying to long. He is still here but he gives me some breaks now and then.

Moving farward

Yesterday was quite a good day so I opened my laptop and worked for a while. I sorted out some of the problems I had on my way forward. Even if I really enjoy this new journey I haven’t said anything to anyone at work yet and don’t know why. I’m a bit afraid of what they will think and say. They might find me disloyal and I don’t feel that I am. There is only one person I need to be loyal to and that is me. When I feel my health getting worse after just a few weeks at my ordinary job which I love by the way tells me that I have no choice but to work for another future. It’s necessary for having a life at all. Therefor I have to be loyal to myself and let my health be my first priority. 

If you are in the same situation you know what I am talking about. The thing is, with this new journey I can work when my body let me. It’s a way to relax for me. I can sit on my couch with my feet up and the computer on my knees, working for a few minutes or sometimes for a few hours. I am taking it slow and that thinking let me take the steps forward in my own pace. I have no deadline to hold just small goals that I know I can reach. I am in this for the long run because it’s fun and worth so much.

Getting new insights

Getting new insights

I switched listening to news in the morning to listen to some webinars where I can learn new things, listen to others in my situation and get real good insights. It gives me a more positive start of my day. There are a few things successful people do every day, one of those things is they learn new skills, than they do them after that they teach them to someone else. I think this is powerful and I believe in lifelong learning. There is always something to learn, every day. Sometimes it’s a small thing other times its life changing.

Today when I was listening to a webinar they talked about chattering minds and how to calm your mind with being in the present moment. Have you ever wonder about that? What happens when you just stop what you are doing and just start smelling, seeing and feeling your surroundings? I realised that I don’t do that often enough. So I got a tip that I want to share with you in how to get present in the moment. You need like 3 minutes if you want to try this out.

Be in the present moment

  1. Find a place you like to be in and sit down.
  2. Keep your eyes open and take a deep breath
  3. Feel the wind, hear the sound and take in all the smells while seeing all the beautiful things around you
  4. To keep your mind buzzy count to 20
  5. When your mind pops in and putting words in your head like –oh! Car or Bird or some other word just start counting from the beginning again.
  6. Keep doing this for 2-3 minutes about twice a day.

Please tell me how it went, did it work? Could you enjoy the present moment and will you do this again?

Do you want to learn new things, grow as a person, teach your new skills to someone else and work from wherever you are at the moment? Everyone deserves to have their best life and to find their daily smile. If you want to learn more about my journey just follow the link below. There you can sign in and meet one of my mentors.

Remember to find your daily smile because you are worth it!

See yaaa all next time!  

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