Ongoing Procrastination

Time for change but not redecorating…


The vacation is over and I have started working full time at my day job again. My health got worse almost at once and I am bleeding more than I have done on the whole vacation and that is not fun at all. I know what I need to do if I want a change in the long run but guess what I do…

I got a junior bed from my daughter that we can use when our grandson visit us for a sleepover. So the problem was that I have a loft bed with a desk and a wardrobe. It’s not in the best conditions and I have to get rid of it. That means I need to get some storage for all the things I have in the room and a desk for work. So that is the new project I started instead of doing the work I need to get my dream future. Well, I will get a much better room anyway.

Why procrastinate?

Afraid of what?

So why do I delay the work I need to do? I really know what it takes and yet I don’t do the work. It’s not all because I am tired and Mr. Crohn’s Disease visiting me right now. I think it’s because I am afraid, but not why that is. There can be a number of reasons why so let’s dig in.

  • Can I be afraid of success?
  • Am I afraid of failing?
  • Do I believe that I’m not worth it?
  • Can I really do this?

This spins my head around. It can be anyone of those reasons but I really don’t want to find out. What if I find that one of them or more is true? How can I move forward from that? And yet, I know I have to be true to myself and it will probably not be as bad as I expect it to be.

Finish what I started

Well knowing that I procrastinate is the first step. Now that I have started to redecorate my room I have to finish that first. The wardrobe is up and running. We plan to get the bed out tomorrow and then I need to get the desk put together. After that I need to pick up the work to get the future I want and need.

It seems easy enough and I don’t need to make it harder than it is. I just have to keep it simple, take one step in front of the other and never give up. The trail I chose is my journey and I really enjoy it even if I get scared sometimes. I love what I am learning, the community and the support team.

Have you ever done that to yourself on the journey you currently are following? What are you doing about it when it happens to you? Do you put your head in the sand or do you work it out and learning new things with it? Please will you tell me how you handled it at the time?

If you want to check out my journey just sign in on the link below and meet one of my mentors.

See yaaa all next time!

Annas Chosen Trail

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