Choosing yourself or others

Chooseing your self

Will you choose yourself?

Last week I wrote about love for yourself and others. This week’s theme is not far from last week. One of my mentors said “Do not wait for others to choose you” (John JJ Jackson).

How many of you have been waiting for someone else to choose you? I know I have done that many times in school and other places. I wanted to be liked as people do and I was quite shy so my classmates probably didn’t even know I was there. I don’t think they did anything to be cruel, they just didn’t see me. The same when I got a bit older.

Today I try to choose myself first because no one else will choose me first, not if they are smart if you ask me. I think you have to be your own priority first, after that you can help others. How can you help others if you never choose yourself first?

After choosing yourself

There are many options after choosing yourself. You can help others to grow and learn to choose them self’s. There are many ways to help others doing that. My way to help is to share my journey and my story. I know that helping others to see what choices are out there they can take decisions in their lives to live, grow and find their best life. Maybe they will find their inner smile on the way to. That must be the best reward I can think of.

It’s no secret that I have Crohn’s Disease, I think you all know that by now. My disease made me long for more than just living from day to day, wanting to get more out of life than I have today with work, eat and sleep. Sometimes I have the strength to spend time with my grandson after work but a lot less that I want. I have always tried to find more freedom to live my life on my own terms. It has taken so many years and now I have found my way to my dreams. I have to share these possibilities to everyone that can benefit of them.

I know my journey isn’t for everyone but I will give people the choice. If you don’t know this way exists you have lost the possibility to choose this trail. There are many other ways to find your smile if you don’t like this one.

Have you found your way yet?

Finding your way

Maybe you already have found your path to happiness, if so I’m happy for you. Make the best you can of your journey and enjoy every moment with a smile. There’s no better way, is there?

If you have found the way but not started to walk it yet, why do you procrastinate? What is stopping you to reach for your dreams? Do you hear the little voice that sais- you are not good enough, you can’t do it, it would be a waste of time and so on. I will tell you, don’t listen to that little voice! It want you to stay in the comfort zone where everything is the same as always. Don’t let that voice dictate your future. You can be more and live a great and fulfilled life following your dream. Just take one step in front of the other and just don’t quit. You are worth it, every step of the way! Maybe your way will help someone else to reach for their dream, isn’t that wonderful?!

For those who haven’t found their trail towards the future, don’t despair, your time will come! Just don’t give up finding your dream.

If you want to see what road I’m walking on just follow the link below, sign in and meet one of my mentors. Whatever you choose to do just remember to find your daily smile!

See yaaa all next time!

Annas Chosen Trail

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