Love yourself and others

Love yourself and others

Would you love someone else more than yourself?

I had another text that I planned to write today but then I was listening to one of my mentors who talked about love for yourself and others. It was really interesting so I decided to write about that instead.

You hear people say that you must love yourself before you can love someone else and I think they got a point. How can you start loving yourself then and what does that mean? On the other hand, can you love yourself to mush so you just feed your ego?

I think loving yourself start with acceptance of who you are. When you can accept yourself you need to start to be true to yourself and that is hard work. Meeting yourself can be scary and it takes time and sometime you need help to sort everything out. Some people have an easier journey than others but still the work needs to be done to find the way to the other side of self-love.

Loving someone else

If you have found someone else to love you are lucky. It’s not that easy and when you found that someone how do you love him/her? Are you binding the person to you so they don’t have their own life or is your relationship more relaxed?

I have been married sense 1995. In the beginning I was really jealous and it took some time before I realized that the envy was in my head and I started to trust him a more and more. I did set some rules and boundary’s so I wouldn’t get hurt and get the respect I deserved. I also had to understand and respect my husband’s boundaries to. When that happened we could just relax in our relationship and start to have fun.

Life strikes

When lifes strikes

The love we had was really tested in 1998 when I was diagnosed with Ulcerate Colitis (later we found out that it was Crohn’s Disease). Our daughter was two years old, I had a horse and some other animals that needed care and I couldn’t give them that. My husband took care of us all and the small croft where we lived at the time. You know how it is when you get that sick so you just eat and sleep.

I won’t lie, it was hard times and I felt so bad not to be able to be the person and wife as I used to be. He stood by my side all the way so I was really lucky. We came out on the other side and after a few operations I got better.

These hard times made us a team and I really love my husband. We can talk about almost everything; we are honest, faithful and have respect for each other. The most important thing we have is laughter. He can be so silly and fun.

My experience

To keep our love for all this time requires a lot of hard work and I think you need to be brave enough to let your love lead his/hers own life. It doesn’t mean that you let your partner go out and just do things that he knows hurt you. It’s important to trust one and other. You both have to respect each other so much that you don’t want to bring hurt into the relationship. When you really love someone let them free and they will love you even more, that’s what I believe.

I hope you all go out there and start loving yourself enough to be happy and fulfilled. If you aren’t there yet, take one step at the time and you will find your way. Do you need help don’t be afraid to get it, accept that you can’t do the journey alone. It’s more important for you to find your best life than let your ego stop you.

Are you curios about my journey and do you want the possibility to meet my mentors just follow the link below. My journey isn’t for everyone but if you feel it will be the right way for you I will just say Welcome! To everyone else, don’t worry- you will find the journey that is best for you, just keep on going one step in front of the other.

Don’t forget to find your daily smile on your way to your best life that you all deserve!    

See yaaa all next time!

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