Training on the road

Arctic Cirkle, Jokkmokk, Sweden

Vacation and Training on Living the Laptop Lifestyle

Right now we are on a vacation trip in the north of Sweden in our RV and I am practicing on my new laptop lifestyle. This is how I want to live my life all the time in the future. My journey towards that has just started. It has taken a lot of work and I am not near to be where I want to be.

Exciting offer

Reindeer in the Nothern of Sweden

My husband is a really good photographer and he was offered to join when the Sami people gather the reindeer for marking calves in September. We live in the middle of Sweden and the sight for the event is about 1400 km away. The problem is that he has a job that dictates his working hours as I do to. If we don’t get a vacation in the right time we have to pass on that opportunity witch would be a real loss in really amazing pictures and experience.

It’s for this reason and for my health I started this journey a year ago. There is so much to do before I get where I am going but this opportunity is the best I have done. I can see myself living the laptop lifestyle, travelling around with my husband in the RV working whenever I want and my husband working as a photographer. For me it’s not just a dream, it’s a goal that I will reach one day. I am aware that it will take time because I still have so much to learn but this is my story for the future.

Why does it take time?

Laptop Lifestyle

Even if I have been working and learning this for a year I have taken it slow. I have to consider my health so Mr. Crohn’s Disease doesn’t knock on my door and I have to work full time to keep my economy stable. One step at the time is the way to go for me. For others it takes a few months but that is their journey and it’s not a race. I will do this in my own pace. I have time and the patience to realize what I need to do too get there. In the meantime I work and learn new skills that I need to be successful.

What does my days look like?

Now when I am travelling I work on my computer for a few hours the days I have an internet connection. When I drive I will work for a while in the evening. When my husband is driving I can work during that time. Either way I can enjoy the nature outside the RV. Here in the north of Sweden there is some amazing nature and we have seen a lot of reindeer. I can’t explain how amazing this trip is.

When I’m not on vacation as I am now, I work on my journey in the evening. After a day at my ordinary job I don’t have the possibility to work every day. My health dictates when I can work and when I need to rest. Usually I can work and learn four to six days per week, sometimes more other times less. I will not punish myself for not having the strength every day. That is something I just have to accept. The point is to move forward one step at the time and enjoy every moment of it.

What now?

If you are anything like me you will not let Mr Crohn’s Disease break your spirit and you will fight for your future however it may look like for you. If you are curious about what I am doing just follow the link below. If you have any questions about my journey just fire away. Remember to find your daily smile on your way to your future. Enjoy the photos from our amazing trip.

See yaaa all next time!

Annas Chosen Trail

Trapspstegsforsen, Saxnäs, Sweden
Sunset, Nothern of Sweden

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