Joining with consistency

Joining with consistency

It’s not hard to join; it’s hard to be consistent.

You have probably joined many things in your life but have you been consistent enough to follow them through?

I have joined many things and some things I ended at once. Other things I kept doing for a while before I stopped doing them. So why do people do that, why do I do that?

I am not afraid of hard work and I know things take time when reaching a goal. I think the lack of support can be a reason and mentors that know how to help me move forward is another one. There are always some things that I use as an excuse to not follow through. I am to sick, I don’t have the time or I need to this and that first. Do you have the same problem? How do you handle that?

Why procrastinate?

I often wonder what I am afraid of, what keeps me procrastinate every time. Sometimes I think that it’s because I am afraid of success and that I’m not worth it. Why is that and why do I believe that someone else is more worth their success than I am? I don’t have the answer to that question.

Now on my new journey I have kept learning, growing and moving forward for over a year. That is a win for me, not giving up. This time I have the support I need, I have the community and I have the time. I haven’t set a deadline that I have to keep track on. I am doing this in my own pace and no one is trying to rush me to move faster. That is what I need. Everyone is telling me that I am worth the success that I’m working towards. When I feel down there is always someone that cheer me up and keeps me going. When Crohn’s Disease says hello, I can take a brake and then move forward when my body is ready again. I haven’t had that before.

Goals and planning for the future

Laptop Lifestyle

I have a few small goals, not written down as I should have but they are clear in my head. The first goal is to write and publish a new blog once a week. The hard thing is to do that on a specific day. I always plan to publish on Mondays but that hasn’t been working that great yet, that is my next goal.

The third goal is to check out my message so it aligns with the information I want to share with all of you. The fourth goal is to learn Bing advertising and getting the information out there. This is the first part of the rest of my journey.

Main goal

My main goal is to get the income I want to have the power over when and where I work. I have a dream of having the laptop lifestyle where I can get more time with my family and with my grandson. I what to have the possibility to let my body heal and still get the money I need to get the life that I desirer. I have set my mind on letting myself get the success that I want and I am telling myself that I am worth it. It hasn’t sunk in yet but I am working on it.

At the moment me and my husband is on a vacation in our RV. When I am too tired to focus on driving I work on my laptop sitting on the passenger’s seat. I am practicing on my laptop lifestyle and that is a great feeling. I can see myself doing this whenever I want to and that is a great feeling.

If you are anything like me you love the freedom of choice in every aspect in life. So how do you see yourself in the future? What are your goals and how do you reach them?

While you are working to found out what you want in your life don’t forget do find your daily smile!

See yaaa all next time!

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