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Work and travel finding your own way

I am travelling and using my laptop lifestyle to keep on building a better future for myself and my family. With four weeks of vacation I have more time to learn these new skills and to do the work that is necessary to grow. It’s a fantastic opportunity to have the possibility to work and travel at the same time. All I need is my laptop, time and an internet connection.

I am currently in the south of Sweden visiting three of my sisters and my mother. In these Corona-times I am happy to say that I have my own bed with me in our RV so I can still keep the distance that is needed to stay healthy. With a chronic disease like Crohn’s Disease I really need to be aware about the risks with Covid-19.

Net Python

So far we have done so much fun. I love snakes as I have told you earlier and the other day we went to a reptile store in Malmö where I had the chance to hold a ball python for the first time. What a cool moment. After that we went to a reptile zoo where there were snakes, spiders, apes, birds and some other animals. The most fantastic experience was their net python snake (don’t know if that’s the right word, in Swedish it’s called “Nätpyton orm”). It was really long, big and so beautiful. It’s probably a nice snake as long as it’s not hungry or got a bunch of eggs to keep safe.

Today we went to my mother who lives far from me. I haven’t seen her in about a year. We had a lovely time, walking by the sea with the dogs. Talking, laughing and watching the kids play in the water and we ended the visit with some ice cream.

These things are one of the reasons that I am looking for another way to live life. I want more time with family and friends. As it is right now it’s too far away to visit three of my sisters and my mother more often. I have to think about what I can and can’t do if I want to stay healthy. If my body says no I have to listen.

Refocus and reskill for another future

I have told you many times that I am following a new trail in life and that I am learning new skills. I haven’t told you what it is yet. That’s because I wasn’t ready for sharing it earlier. Now I have come to the point in my journey where I can share this new path in confidence with you all.

What am I doing?

In short terms I am learning online marketing in a safe environment where I get all the support and skills that is needed to work it out. It’s all about me, how much I grow, learn, teach and earn. I have the support, the community with likeminded people that are making their own journey with similar goals that I have. They all want to grow in their own way. I also have the tools I need to make everything happen.

There are endless possibilities with online marketing. You can promote your own products or services or you can use others product and services in your marketing. It’s all about you, and what you think is interesting. You just have to find your path in life that makes you smile. If you are searching for “online marketing” or “work from home” on google you will find endless sites with information and offers. Some good and others not so good or quite bad ones too. If you want to do this you have to follow your own way and make your own choice. Maybe you just don’t want to work online at all and that is totally ok too. There is nothing wrong with wanting to work in traditional ways. Everyone just have to find their own way to a great life and happiness even with a sickness like Crohn’s Disease. It’s possible for most of us and this is my way.

Why did I choose this way?

The thing that got me hooked was the feeling of true desires to help people finding their own journey, the spirit in the community where everyone likes to help one and other as much as possible. The guidance offered and the support that the team provides is like no other I have ever seen before. I have tried to find something like this where I can work from home and the hours I want in some way but this place is one of a kind if you ask me. But as I said earlier, it’s not for everyone. You have to find your own way, whatever that may be.

If I can help someone else to find their way to happiness by sharing my story and the journey I’m currently at and my why then I consider that’s a success. Your way may be totally different than my way and it’s as it should be. Choosing the wrong way in life will not make you happy and if you don’t know what way you want to go yet, just take one step at the time in the direction that truly feels good in your heart for you. Do that with every step you take and then I am shore you will find your daily smile that comes from within.

If you are curios of my trail just follow the link down below and listen to one of my mentors. If you are not that’s ok to. Don’t forget to find your daily smile today too!

See yaaa all next time!

Annas Chosen Trail

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