Never ending change

The changing world

The world always changes…

Are you changing with the new times or would you like things to stay as they are forever? If you are anything like me you like to learn more and change with time. In this digital era there are so many good things to enjoy and the possibility to connect with family and friends who lives far away with chat functions like messenger or video talks like Zoom or Teams makes them feel closer than they are.  

How do you feel about new things and change? For me it depends of what it is. If it’s a new phone, computer or a car I will get excited. On the other hand, if it’s a new book about politics or something like that I can’t care less. I like to learn new things though. That usually makes me grow as a person and I hope I get more humble in the process. I have a hard time to reach out a hand when I need help and it’s the same when someone else needs help. I want to be brave enough to help people out without them asking for it and this is something I need to work with. If someone on the other hand is asking for help I will always help if I have the possibility to do so but my Crohn’s Disease can stop me sometimes.

I just have to step out of my comfort zone and learn to reach out my hand to someone who needs my help without them asking. I usually ask my self- how hard can it be and then I chicken out. It’s a bit embarrassing really. This is one thing I am learning on my trail towards a better future.

So what happens when you get stuck and confused?

Stuck and confused

Do you start over, do you reach out for help or do you give up? That is something to think about. I think I have done all those things in my life. Reaching out for help is something new for me. I used to think that I can and have to do everything on my own. If it gets to hard I just give up. This time I have asked for help when I needed it and it feels great to get the skills to build a stabile foundation. The support and the community that I can reach out to are great.

So why am I doing this? That is a great question. I have a dream even if my disease doesn’t agree with me on that when I work full time. In this dream I have more time for my family, I hope to be able to travel some more and I would like a new car. I would like to have a passive income that works for me even when I sleep. In the process to find my dream I hope to help a lot of people to find their own dream. That means that I have to reach out a hand. I guess I have to practice on that a lot more. I just have to roll up my sleeves and start working on it.

I have grown so much sense I started and I want to share this journey with you all. One of my mentors said “ask yourself the why, the how and what changes all the time”. That is something to think about and remember communication is what you hear and perceive

Don’t forget to find your daily smile today to!

See yaaa all next time!

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