Stop and enjoy life

Stop and enjoy life

What are you doing on this journey you can call life

Life can be wonderful even in hard times. You have probably heard this many times – It’s not how you have it, it’s how you take it. There is some truth in that. If you tell yourself that you are never good enough, nothing in your life works for you and stuff like that you will miss all the good things that you have in life.

If you are all negative and you want to change that, try to find one thing that is good today. Even if it is you waking up this morning and that is a good start to begin with. There are people that don’t have the luxury to wake up every morning so bee grateful for the chances and possibilities this day gives you because you woke up. Then after a few days you can add one more thing and so on.

It’s easy to get in a negative mood when you have a disease like Crohn’s Disease. But se the good that comes with the sickness. You learn a lot of yourself in hard times and you are stronger than you think. Off course you will have days when you just want to give up, that is ok to. Just find your positivity the next day instead.

I will not say that it’s easy to add more positivity in your life but it’s worth the struggle. Life will get easier with a smile now and then.

Why be the victim of your disease when you can shift your mind towards success

What are you doing when your disease takes over in your life? Some days that will happen, for some it will be too often and you will start feeling sorry for yourself. I can tell you at once that feeling sorry for yourself will not help you find happiness in your life- and YES, you can be happy. It’s a choice you can make.

So, how can you shift your mind to find success in life and what is success for you. It’s different for everyone. For some success is to find that smile in the morning, for others it’s earning a lot of money, buying flashy cars and nice houses. For many people with Crohn’s Disease success is to be healthy and feeling strong for a longer period of time.

If you make choices that will benefit your life and make you find your smile more often you are moving in the right direction.

Follow my journey, goal setting and success despite my disease

Shift your mind

A year ago I started a new journey. It’s taking more time than it would do without my disease but I am taking one step in front of the other to build me a great future. I hope that I can inspire you to see the possibilities life will bring you when you open up your mind. Life is filled with chances so why not grab them and enjoy the moment.

I have a dream and I have told you about it before. For starters, I love learning new things in my own pace. That is what I do. Off course I hope to make some money along the way and gaining a lot more freedom to spend with my family.

Do you have a dream? If not, why? What is stopping you from dreaming of a better life?

I think it’s important to dream, to set goals in your life. Even if its small goals like drink some more water every day than you are doing at this moment. I believe that dreams are making our future better, especially when you set up a plan with small goals in a timeline. Then your dream might be a reality in the future. Remember that life is a journey, not the end goal and you deserve to be happy so go out there and find your daily smile!

See yaaa next time!

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