Everyone is afraid of something

What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of?

Being afraid of spiders or snakes is a common fear and that is a fear you can admit to have, no questions asked. It’s harder to admit a more personal fear, especially for yourself. It’s hard to admit having fears that affect one’s life and health. It’s easier to just hide the fear and avoid facing it.

Are you living a fearless life?
I’m not. I have many fears and some of them are holding me back and others I try to forget for the moment. I have thought about it and I am afraid of not being loyal to things and people I have made a commitment to. It may not seem this fear is something to worry about but still I do. I always want the commitment and work I do to be the best that I can give. It’s probably because I am dependent of people’s appreciation even if my health suffers from it.

I am also afraid of getting stuck in a work that keeps stressing me out and getting me sick even if I love what I do. If I am getting sick I will miss some valuable happenings with my family and friends. It’s really not worth it if you think about it. I know it’s about prioritizing what is the best for me but it’s hard to say no to things I love to do. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about; you have probably done the same choices now and then.

Being afraid of losing something you love even if it hurts you in the long run can be scary. You know what you have but not what you can get if you try something else. There are no guarantees in life.


Accept your fears

So what to do about the scares you hide away. You will need some courage to accept things you are afraid of. To work on your fears you need to accept them and bring them to the light. What is the worst that can happen, right? So, I will take the first step to accept two fears I have and that are telling you about it. I believe the scares get smaller if you accept them and work with them. You have to face your fears to move on and gain a better life even if it is hard to make that choice. You have the power to change your life; don’t let the disease put you down. Face your fear and make a stand to live the best life you possibly can live. Crohn’s Disease dosen’t have to be the end of your life but it can be the beginning of a wonderful journey where you dare to face your fears and find new wonderful things along the way.

Something to think about- Are you feeding your faith or your fear? One of my mentors called JJ said “Feed your fear and the faith will starve.”  So, please! Don’t feed your fear anymore. When feeding your faith instead you will find your smile on your journey forward to the life that you deserve.

Why not start with downloading these files and use them as you wish.

See yaaa next time!

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