Learning for life

Lifelong learning

Why I started learning new skills

I believe in lifelong learning and for me it’s a way to make more time for healing without losing money. Right now I work full time but my body doesn’t agree with that. I have to find another way to make more time in the long run. Even if I love my job I have to listen to my body. How do you heal and work at the same time?

I have started a new journey to learn new skills. I am taking my time because of my disease and the work I still have. About a year ago I found an education that will lead me to a better future. I am learning in my own time and while learning I also earn new possibilities. The lead words is LEARN – DO – TEACH. So that is where I am in my journey right now. I learn a lot about me and about how to build a foundation for my future. I do a lot to, after building my own homepage and started my blog I hope to teach some of what I have learned to someone else. It’s easy to forget one of the lead words but they are all important.

So why am I doing this when I don’t have the energy after working all day? I found it soothing and I feel calm and relaxed when I write a blog or making my way through a course. I can sit on my couch with my laptop in my knee. When I get stuck I reach out to a wonderful community of likeminded people who always are willing to help or to a great support team who always look out for the whole community. The positive energy that I get helps me heal while learning, teaching and doing keeps me growing as a person.

There is one thing that always will be a part of life and that is change. In today’s unstable world where many companies have to lay off their staff there is time to invest in you. You can take some control of the change in your life by learning new skills.

What are you dreaming of?

Keep on dreaming for the future

I know it can be hard to even think of dreaming when Crohn’s Disease is showing its face and plan to take over the life that should be yours. I will ask you not to give up, keep on dreaming. It can be a way to find your way through the pain and everything that the disease brings you. I think without the hopes and dreams the world is a much darker place so why not let light and some fun come in.

I dream of having a life where I am in control of my work, my time and what I want to do in the free time. In that dream I spend a lot of time with my family and I can rest all that I need and still earn the money I need to have a great life. My body is as healthy as it possibly can be and I can enjoy every event that is happening around me like birthdays, summer vacations and Christmas trips.

So, start dreaming, keep your hope up and enjoy the small things in life. Life can be wonderful even with Crohn’s Disease. Of course you will have your ups and downs as well as I have, it’s a part of life. Don’t forget to smile even if it’s hard, smile anyway. Who knows what that little thing can bring you if you smile a little bit every day? Keep on dreaming and start hoping for the future you deserve, that’s what I will do.

Feel free to use the files in the links down below. If you need someone to talk too you can always wright to me, if I can help out by lending you my ear I will do that. Take care of yourself as much as you can.

See yaaa next time!

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