Working with a disease like Crohn’s

Crohn’s Disease and work

Are you able to work full time or no time at all?

When you have a disease like Crohn’s Disease it can be hard to work full time. Some people are too sick to work at all. That can be hard on the economy and it can affect the whole family in a negative way.

When I was that sick I found that the love and help from my husband was one of the most important things I had. My daughter was only two years old when I got sick and that was hard. Not be able to take care of her and letting my husband handle everything with the house, our daughter, my horse and the other animals I had made me feel like a burden. Sometimes I hoped I wouldn’t wake up the next morning just to make everything easier for my family. Today I am thankful for every day that I woke up and still waking up every morning.

In the first three years of my sickness I was too sick to work. I tried to study but that was also too much for my health. When I finally got my first operation my life changed. I could start to work and slowly get a life. If you have overcome the worst days of your sickness you know that feeling. It feels like winning a lottery.

Today I work full time. For me, that’s almost the only thing I am able to do Monday to Friday. I can do one or two more things, after that I have to rest if I want to be able to work the next day. I have to choose what to do or not which can be hard sometimes. I prioritize the things that I think is the most important events in my life and the rest are a bonus if I can participate in. My husband thinks I should work less time but when you love your work it’s a tuff decision. Now in the Covid-19 times I work from home and that has been good for me. I feel much better and I am not bleeding as much anymore.

Are you able to work and how does Crohn’s Disease affect you and your family? Can you live a normal life or does Crohn’s Disease own your world? How ever it is right now, things can be better.

Crohn’s Disease doesn’t have to be the end of your life.

It’s time to find your smile

If you are just being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease you might think your life is over, especially if you are really sick. It can take some time to find the right medications and then get them to work. It’s important to have a doctor that knows what he/her is doing.

I found out that if I listen to my body and rest when I need and take care of my body as much as I can my symptoms decreases and I can have a better life. When I don’t listen, my body screams and starts to bleed, I get tired and in the end I don’t have a choice but to listen.

What I want to say is that even if you often have to change your life in order to function you still can have an amazing life. Just try out things that can work for you. Some people change their diet and others start some training or spending time in the nature. I think that when you start to follow your body and mind you also starts to follow a healthier road. There is always hope of a better and fuller life, and you can get that. I truly believe that.

Have you just got diagnosed or have you had Crohn’s Disease for a while? Do you have anyone to talk to or do you stand all alone? I know that can be hard, feeling totally alone. You can always contact me and if I can help by lending you my ear, I will do that.

Remember to enjoy the little things in life and find your smile. Life can be wonderful even if you have Crohn’s Disease.

Let me end with something one of my mentors said that got stuck in my head.
“It doesn’t matter where you have been, what matters is where you are goning”

If you want to, feel free to download and use the “food-files” down below.

See yaaa next time!

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