Are you true to yourself?

Are you true to yourself

Are you true to yourself?

How do you know if you are true to yourself? That is a tuff question to answer. Sometimes it’s easier to lie and ignore the truth. To deal with all the crap most people carry around can be devastating and it’s really hard work. Often people need help to deal with what they carry around. Denial can work for a while but some day the past problems will catch up with you.

When I started this blog I thought that I knew who I wanted to write for. Somehow there was something missing. After a break in my blogging it hit me. There is something that I always come back to and one question got stuck in my head- How can I help people with Crohn’s Disease and give them valuable information that they can use to feel better? So far it feels like the right way to go but I have fooled myself a few times before. I will follow this trail for a while and see what comes out of this, and I hope I am really true to myself this time.

Why did I make this choice?

Make a choice

In 1998 I was diagnosed with Ulcerous Colitis. A few years later the doctors realized that it was Crohn’s Disease. By that time my Colon was gone and I had an ostomy. I was waiting for an operation to get a stream reservoir instead of the ostomy. So when the doctors realized what disease I had it was too late to regret what had happened.

For starters I got really mad and depressed but I got through that. Sometimes life just happens and you just have to deal with it. So I did just that and that made me understand that even if I was sad my disease had made me what I am today. Without it I wouldn’t be the person I am and I have much to give just because of my situation. Of course I feel sad when my health bother me and I need to rest more than I want. I have learned to just follow my body’s lead, most of the time. When I don’t I start to bleed, get tired and I miss more of my life from the outside world. It’s really stupid not to listen and, let’s say, I am stupid to often…   

How can I help others in my situation?

Sometimes we need help

That is a good question and the real people to answer that’s you. I will try to do my best to bring value to you all. Today I will give you “do’s and don’ts” with food when you have Crohn’s Disease. Just remember that it’s not the same for everyone and you might have other experiences with food than what the files says. In the Excel-file you can register your own foods and build it as you like. You can print out the PDF-file if you want to. Just follow the links below. Or just download the files to your computer.

Please tell me how I can help you.

See yaaa next time!

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