My journey forward into the future

Journey forward into the future

My journey forward into the future

How did I get here, to my journey forward into the future?

I have a condition that makes me tired and warned out. After a full day of working I don’t have the strength to see my family and friends as much as I want to. That made me wonder about life and what I do with it.

I have always been looking for an alternative way to earn money and I have tried a lot of things to make it happened but I never found the thing that works for me- until now. I like to learn new things and often I find myself being bored when I have work that is the same all the time. The work I do today fill that need but I am still stuck with someone else in charge of my workdays. So close to birthday number 50 I thought my dreams of working from home would never happen. I saw myself work office hours until the pension witch I will reach in about 15 years.

Urge to run

Have you ever had the urge to run away from your life and never turn back? Sometimes my mind sends me these signals and what do I do about it? NOTING- for the longest time anyway. I woke up every morning did the same routine before I got to work. In the evening I was so tired that I just watched TV and then got to bed early with no hope to do anything else than just that, every day for the next decade or so.

Urge to run

What I found

Then one day I surfed on Facebook and my eyes got stuck on an ad that tickled my curiosity. It was about living a laptop lifestyle and how I could get that opportunity to work from where ever I happened to be. Isn’t that a dream for anyone? Could this be my journey forward into the future? I didn’t know what to expect and if it was for real. There are so many ads that promise golden years and no work at all. This was a bit different.

I clicked on the ad and found a video that said, off course you can reach greatness and a wonderful laptop lifestyle but you have to work for it. This got me to think that this is something true and not just a fantasy. In the video they talked about learning, training and in time earn some money at the same time that you are learning.

The first step

I started and first there was a lot of learning about myself. That can be painful and you have to be brave to face yourself. You will get the tools to move through that and all support that you need. There is a lot of reading, looking at videos, webinars and training. If you like to learn new things this is your journey forward into the future. You don’t need to worry about the technical stuff because you will be guided through that to. Step by step you will learn, try the skills out and get a stabile ground to build on.

To succeed you have to commit to your journey, really want to grow and learn new things. I really believe that anyone can succeed if they follow all the steps and let it take time. I am building my laptop lifestyle slowly. Some people will make a quick journey and others do like me, slowly like a snail. It all depends on who you are and how much time you can spend on learning, training and teaching. Yes, I said teaching. That is a part of the journey. By teaching others your skills will get stuck easier. This is where I am in my journey forward in to the future right now. I hope I can give you the inspiration to find your way into your future.

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See yaaa until next time!

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