My Ideal Dream-day

My Ideal Dream Day

My Ideal Dream Day, how does it look? Can you imagine what it would be like if you could choose how to start your day- EVERY day? Most people think they will get that opportunity when the pension kicks in. What if there is a way to make it happened earlier?

My ideal dream day starts with me waking up feeling the sun on my face. The house is quiet, my dog is still sleeping and my husband has taken his camera for some photographing in the early morning before the sun is rising. The cat is standing on my chest like he is telling me that it’s time to give him some food.

Slowly I move myself out of bed, letting my feet touch the warm floor on my way to put some clothes on. It’s time to walk the dog. I feel my smile from head to toe as we get closer to the forest. The birds and the smells is soothing.

One hour later we are back home for some breakfast. I warm up some tea, get a sandwich and open up my computer. I eat, drink some coffee and work for a few hours. Then I will take my dog out for a short walk and make me som lunch. After eating again I open up my computer ones more and this time I will learn new skills that will help me to grow.

When I feel that I am finished for the day I will put the computer away. Take out my dog for a quick walk once more before its time to pick up my grandson from kindergarten. When my grandson can see me he is running towards med with a big smile on his face. I take him home and he helps me make some dinner and it’s just ready when my daughter and husband are coming home from work. We all sit down at the table and we talk about our day and having a great time. The dinner ends with some coffee and ice-cream. After dinner my daughter and grandson is going home.

I take out my dog for his last walk and my husband is joining me, holding hands. Back at home we relax in front of the TV until it’s time for bed. We both fall asleep in a moment and sleeps through the night.  

This is my ideal dream-day at the moment. Have you ever thought about what your own dream-day would look like, how would it start and end?

Working from home with computor and coffee

Why even think about my ideal dream day?

When you are dreaming about your ideal dream day you might start dreaming of a better life. Every change is starting with a dream. If you are living your dream life already you are very lucky and I am happy for you but most people want to move forward to a better future for themselves, their children and grandchildren. Often they don’t know where to start and what they dream of, thinking about their dream day may help them find a part of their own dream of the future.

Some dreams about traveling, owning a property by the beach in a warm country. So what is your dream?

What about my age?

Well, some people think that age is a problem when they are around their 50s. I don’t think so. There is always time to learn and try out new things. There is so many years left to live your life. I do have some health problems but I won’t let that stop me to get the best out of my life. If there is somethings I believe in I will try it out. For me, I think I have found a way to make a better life and get some more time with my family, to travel and do anything I want to do.

So how did I start?

I found my way in the possibility to work from home and earn money on the internet with my computer. I thought I would get a few tips and then I would be on my way but I found something totally different. It is a profound education and I liked it. I believe in lifelong learning and this fits me perfectly.

For now I have just started to try everything out, my homepage is ready, I am training to do the blogging and I am learning so much about myself and what I can do. The endless possibilities to use your interests and your own ideas on this journey are amazing. You can choose the way that fits you. The education will get you the tools you need to move forward. The best with this journey is the mentors that will help you on your way to a life in freedom- your version of freedom.

 If you are curious about finding your own ideal dream day like I found my ideal dream day, sign in and learn more from one of my mentors, Stuart Ross. Just follow the link below.

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