So I made a decision for my future

I made a decision for my future

So i made a decision for my future!

So there it is! I made a decision for my future. Once again my trail is taking its own way forward. I know this path is for the long run. With a body that’s not always with me I have to make it slow. I don’t want to miss any time spent with my grandson so I decided to make him, my daughter and my husband my first priority. They are the reason and the why for my choice to start this journey. This was in the end of April 2019.

Starting to learn

I got pen and paper and started to learn. In the beginning there was a lot to think of, a lot to write down, try out and experience. I took one step in front of the other. Bit by bit I started to learn a lot of myself, how my head works and my confidence started to grow.

After a few months I had a talk whit my boss about my salary. Normally I try to get more money than they offer and then I might get a bit more than the first offer they made. This time I just said NO! My boss got a bit confused, said she would talk to her boss. It all ended with me getting three times more than the offer I got at first. I couldn’t believe what just happened, it was fantastic! I made a decision for my future and it had already payed out! I couldent believe it!

The reason for my reaction was that all the training I got made me feel that I was worth more. My life, my knowledge and my time matters. It’s nothing to just give away and for anyone to neglect, not even I should do that.

I believe in lifelong learning. You are never too old to learn new things. The world is filled with so much to see and to discover so I feel I made the right decision to follow the new chosen trail to my future.

Starting to learn

Spreading the word

I just loved all the training and learning that I got and still get. Sometimes I just can’t stop talking about it whit my friends and family. Talking about my hopes and my dreams with them helps me understand what I am doing and why I started this journey.   

If I can spread the word to others maybe there are more people that can find their way to their best life. I really believe that hard work, learning, trying and teaching what you learn makes the knowledge stick to your brain.

Getting to know the community

The best with this new path I have chosen is that I don’t have to do it by myself.

I have had a problem with the technical stuff. It’s hard to build something when you don’t know what and how to do it. Luckily there is a great support team who can help with all the questions that will come in the way. If I feel a bit off I can always reach out to the support team or to my personal consultant. If I just need someone to listen to how I feel when I am overwhelmed or when I want to share my ups and downs with someone, I can always turn to the community.

The community is filled with likeminded people in my situation. Everyone is learning new things and they are a real support. I can be vulnerable and honest without anyone looking down on me. Everyone in the community hopes and wants everyone to succeed and they know that it can be a struggle because they have all been there. Everyone is helping and supporting each other if they know how.  


My way to the future!

So I made a decision for my future and I am following my new trail. In my future I hope to be one who inspires others to find their way to their best life. If I can be the trigger for one person who can find his or her way to their dreamlife, I will feel fulfilled.

I know I just have started my real journey and I still have a lot to learn on the way forward. I can use all the things I learn in so many ways and I hope that I can rub off some of the new knowledge I get to some of you.

If you are curious about my chosen trail you can sign in and meet one of my mentors Stuart Ross. Just follow the link below.

Get more information here

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See yaaa!

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