Do I dare this?

So who am I and what do I want?

I am an ordinary woman with ordinary dreams. For the longest time I thought my life would be working for others 40 ours a week until the pension sets in, where someone else is directing when I can get free time and when I have to work. Even if I love my day job and to help people to solve their problem I still want to own my own time.

I have always been dreaming about the freedom of working when and where I want to. Have the possibility to take a trip somewhere with my family and don’t have to rush back home to work. I want to believe that life is more than work, cleaning the house and washing clothes. I want to feel the sun on my face, hear my grandson playing or telling a story in his own language that no one understands yet.

I have tried selling Tupperware and other products. I even started my own company, twice and lost them both because I really did not know what I was doing. All these trying have made me cautious with new things. But sometimes you trip on some things that trigger your curiosity, just like I did.

My concerns about my new path

I stumbled over a possibility to get what I want but I was unsure if it was something that would work for me. I signed up to a mailing list. I liked what I read in the email that was sent to me but I still was doubtful. I thought that this would be too hard for me.

The time went by, I kept getting the emails. Some of them I did read but I have to confess, most of them I saved in a folder for later reading that never happened. The intension was to read them when I had more time but I kept prioritizing other things. Although I did not take the time to read the mail, they were constantly in the back of my head. I talked about it with my sisters and friends. The thought slowly matured and I worried that it would cost too much money. I created obstacles and causes to avoid having to make a decision. I think I was scared.

Time to decide

After over a year, I signed up for a free webinar. That was an eye-opener and I could feel the tingling in my stomach. Suddenly it did not feel as hard as I thought. Maybe I could do this, maybe this is something to try out.

I registered an account and discovered a new world. I had signed up for a solid education, a team of support and a community with likeminded people just like me. This was a positive surprise. I committed to spend about one hour, five to seven days a week if my body wanted to let med do that. I am trying not to be too hard on myself if there are some weeks that it wouldn’t work. It’s important to find a way that fits yourself as I have done. Don’t set the pressure to high.

If you are curious feel free to click around on my page and see what you find.

I hope to see you here again soon.
// Anna L

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